Are expensive tuition centers for subjects like History worth your money?

These days, sending your child to an expensive tuition has become some sort of a trend not only among affluent people but has also become a trend among middle-class groups. Therefore, school education has now become a given for most students and parents, where more importance and heed is paid to tutors rather than school teachers. This is extremely saddening; however, that has become the norm these days. Usually students would go to tuition centers for one specific subject in which they have problems, however, what has now become is some sort of a competition amongst students where they compete with each other by taking tuitions for each and every subject they have. In addition, what does this lead to?

Parents spending their hard-earned cash on both school fees and tuition fees literally twice! If students take evening classes of the same subjects being taught in school they will not only waste their money, but they also wont be able to study independently. However, several students who do take up tuitions for subjects other than mathematics like history, do end up getting good grades.

Going to tuition centers is usually a huge hassle for most parents because sometimes tuition centers are not in their vicinity and they end up having to drive for quiet some time. Traffic jams usually end up becoming a much bigger hassle for parents and students. Nowadays, tuition centers are found literally everywhere; above restaurants, in small buildings and in small apartments. Therefore, there aren’t proper tuition centers; however, sometimes schools become tuition centers in the evening whereby, students from different schools can come there to study.

History is a diverse subject, which requires a lot of understanding and thorough reading therefore; students need to put in immense effort. History as a subject is much more detailed than physics or biology since it doesn’t have formulas; this subject contains real-life events in great detail, which require analysis. Therefore, tutors at the tuition centre pay more attention towards making the students understand the topics rather than finishing the syllabus, as is the case in school.

Tuition centers give students more confidence in terms of helping them become more vocal because usually in tuition centers, there are only 10-20 students, whereas, in school the number is much greater. Therefore, in a small class there’s more interaction between students. For a history class, this interaction is of immense importance. The tutor can have presentations on history events such as the German revolution, the overthrow of the tsarist regime, only to name a few.

Students can come to the class dressed up as famous political figures in order to better explain students in the class about the particular event. History classes in schools also have presentations, however, since school classes have a lot of students, therefore, it becomes hard for each and every child to present, explain and understand. Therefore, at tuition centers students have the opportunity to become more vocal. Therefore, going to tuition centers will immensely help students in subjects such as history.