Easy Understanding Of The American Civil War

Quite a disturbing time in America, this one. The Civil War is basically an unintentional encouragement of inequality that made white Americans living in the South feel beneath the richer classes living up North. Misunderstandings did play their part in causing the Civil War but disrespect of human rights also raised its ugly head. It was people thinking they weren’t getting the same opportunities others were. And in America, called ‘the land of opportunities’ and ‘the land of the free’, Southerners weren’t exactly feeling the positive emotions behind these titles.

Here’s how it first started. The North Americans got richer because they built and owned new factories. Southerners couldn’t boast the same, due to lack of resources, Government permission, laws and such like. As an obvious consequence, workers looking for jobs in the New World headed from all over Europe to North America so they could get employment in these factories that demanded hundreds of thousands of able-bodied workers to come join.

The South, having no factories but owning vast tracts of land, remained rich enough by employing African-American people as slaves to till their cotton and tobacco fields. They were still not as rich as the Northerners. What added fuel to the fire was when the guys up North asked the fellers down South to free their slaves. The idea of enslaving people based on their skin color wasn’t appreciated by North American sentiments. The African-Americans were obviously all for this freedom. But being so overly rich Northern concern transmuted to whispers of war because the South—though probably ready to accept to their wishes—refrained from doing so.

The reason is quite clear. They didn’t want to lose their only source of free labor and consequent riches by freeing slaves and that too under the demands of an already greedy and wealthy Northern class who consumed all job ventures and kept paid labor from heading South thanks to their factories. You can imagine the tensions this raised in America then.

1860 came about and those allowed to vote elected Abraham Lincoln as President of the United States of America. By those who can vote’ understand that those who’d recently arrived on American shores, women and African-Americans were denied the privilege. Being a Northerner himself, Lincoln held to the principles of his fellow men, further applying pressure on the Southerners using the power of his office.

The Southerners became, for lack of a better word, pissed at the whole affair and decided to go their separate way. They demanded they be allowed to form their own community, something they called the Confederacy. Comprising this collection of Southern States were Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee. Sections of Missouri and Kentucky weren’t left out.

Here’s the catch. In most of these States it was legal to own slaves. This served to fuel Southerner demands for independence. Four of these ‘legal slavery’ States refused to join the so-called Confederacy and wanted out.
Issues grew, negotiations failed, hate and anger were the currency of the times and thus began the Civil War on April 12, 1861 and purportedly ended on April 9, 1865, waged between the North and the South, sparking off one of America’s most tumultuous times in the annals of History.