The World War II is said to be a global war that took place between 1939 and 1945. This war involved majority of nations of the world forming two opposite military force namely Allies and the Axis. The common mass was so involved that there was absolutely no distinction between the civilian and military resources. All the participating countries placed their economic, industrial scientific resources at the service of war. Apart from the Holocaust and the use of nuclear weapons, there were 50 million to 70 million fatalities. The World War II is considered to be one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. It began in September 1939 with the invasion ofPolandbyGermany. This was followed by declaration of war onGermanybyBritainandFrance.Germanyled the Axis whereasBritainwas the leader of the Allies. A series of battles between the two ended in the victory of Allies over the Axis on 15 August 1945.

The war led to a death of a large section of the world population many of whom died due to disease, starvation, bombing at genocide. Apart from huge number of death due to war, Nazi concentration camps caused the death of about 12 million people. This mass murder after the World War II was the first of its kind in history. The after effect of this deadly war has been manifold.

The Allies first of all established political control overGermanyandAustria.Germanylost its territories. Most of the Germans were expelled out from their native places and as a result huge number of Germans turned refugees.

Secondly, the United Nations was formed by the Allies or the superpowers- theUnited States,Soviet Union,China,Britain, andFranceon 24 October 1945 in order to maintain peace and harmony in the world.

Thirdly, political tensions and military competition between the two sections of the world i.e.United Statesled NATO and Soviet ledWarsawpact gave rise to Cold war that continued for days.

Fourthly,Germanywas divided into Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic. EvenEuropewas divided into Soviet and Western influence. Most of the eastern Europe fell under the Soviet influence.

Fifthly, the war had an adverse effect on the world economy. US became richer than many countries as it experienced a huge leap in its gross domestic production per person and thus dominated the global economy.

Sixthly, the end of war saw liberation of women in terms of their rights and opportunities. Women filled up the job vacancies in factories and offices as most men were engaged in war. They refused giving up these jobs once their male counterparts returned. Women were allowed to work and also enjoy equal payment by the government.