Is Advanced Level History Tuition Mandatory?

Being a very diverse subject, history at the advanced level includes events from B.C and A.D to the present day. In short, at this level, this subject does not include specific topics like the French or the German revolution; students have to go over books and books on the birth of the Russian revolution in late 1800’s to Nicholas Tsar’s assassination in the late 1940’s, and then finally, the fall of the Tsarist regime and ending at the fall of the USSR in 1989.

This goes to show that History at the advanced level is absolutely no joke- it requires full commitment and interest. Without interest, there’s no point in studying in taking up history at the advanced level. However, for those who do end up taking it, either suffer in terms of not being able to focus on other subjects or they can deal with huge course load. Therefore, sometimes students feel that taking history tuitions is the only way to go. Although, most parents will find this completely useless, however, the dynamics of history at the advanced level are beyond the level of difficulty.

All History courses worldwide have somewhat the same curriculum; however, at it varies between the Cambridge International Examinations system and the International Baccalaureate. The courses in history at the advanced level consist of European, Australian, Asian Pacific (Caribbean) and American History. However, it is the choice of every school or student as to which part of history he wants to be tested on. For example, students in Pakistan might primarily focus on European History and not Caribbean. When it comes to hiring the tutor or actually going to the specific tuition centre, students will need to be well aware as to which teacher teaches European history, or etc. This is because parents sometimes who want to hire a private tutor well-versed in American history might end up hiring someone who has no know-how whatsoever regarding the history of America.

Therefore, they end up wasting their money and especially their child’s important study time. However, this is just a mere problem. Sometimes history tutors tend to become very rude and demanding while teaching the particular student; this leads to the student becoming more and more pressurized. This is because he will be facing problems in school as well as at home. Therefore, history tutors have to be calm and not very impolite whilst teaching the student because requires the full dedication of the student as well as the tutor. The private tutor will need to focus on the particular topics in order to give the students a better overview on the topic so that the student wont drift off or start going through irrelevant topics.

European History is the most demanding history section, as confirmed by history teachers and students all over the world. It contains the French, German and Italian, Russian history. These four countries have had momentous events which shaped the way we live today; with Germany’s ridiculed defeat in the WW1 and Hitler’s rise to power to the fall of the Tsarist regime, this part of history is extremely lengthy as well as the most interesting. Therefore, most history tutors have degrees in this part of history. Even with amazing qualifications, private tutors need to know how they will be teaching their students without being in a school environment. Not being a school-like environment implies that students will be very casual and laidback, therefore, studying history at home with full concentration will be very tough. However, private tutors are well-trained in order to handle such situations.