History tuition at the PhD Level

By definition, PhD is the top most step on the figurative ladder of education. Receiving a PhD in any subject, be it Mathematics or even Art, has got to be the highest honor for any graduate. Not only does it give the person’s personality a professional outlook, it increases the person’s chances of getting a much better paid job. A graduate can get a PhD in almost every field of education, however, it depends on his/her undergrad and postgrad qualification. Therefore, for those who get into a PhD program, for example, in History, they will need to have the fully dedicated and well versed in their subject. This is because a PhD is history is much tougher in comparison to an undergraduate history program. Therefore, for those graduates who will be preparing for a History PhD will require outside help in order to become better prepared. (more…)

History tuitions – from a marketing perspective

“You child isn’t going to any tuition centre? Oh, what a pity.” Yes, that’s the norm in today’s world; if you’re child isn’t going to a tuition centre; he’s considered to be mediocre. This is so ironic, since the purpose of going to tuition centers was to help average students become more advanced and to become much better students. However, today, even A grade students have joined the bandwagon of getting A’s by joining tuition centers. Therefore, the question is, has advertising and promotion got to do with anything? Well, the answer is a definitive yes. (more…)

Are expensive tuition centers for subjects like History worth your money?

These days, sending your child to an expensive tuition has become some sort of a trend not only among affluent people but has also become a trend among middle-class groups. Therefore, school education has now become a given for most students and parents, where more importance and heed is paid to tutors rather than school teachers. This is extremely saddening; however, that has become the norm these days. Usually students would go to tuition centers for one specific subject in which they have problems, however, what has now become is some sort of a competition amongst students where they compete with each other by taking tuitions for each and every subject they have. In addition, what does this lead to? (more…)

Is Advanced Level History Tuition Mandatory?

Being a very diverse subject, history at the advanced level includes events from B.C and A.D to the present day. In short, at this level, this subject does not include specific topics like the French or the German revolution; students have to go over books and books on the birth of the Russian revolution in late 1800’s to Nicholas Tsar’s assassination in the late 1940’s, and then finally, the fall of the Tsarist regime and ending at the fall of the USSR in 1989.

This goes to show that History at the advanced level is absolutely no joke- it requires full commitment and interest. Without interest, there’s no point in studying in taking up history at the advanced level. However, for those who do end up taking it, either suffer in terms of not being able to focus on other subjects or they can deal with huge course load. Therefore, sometimes students feel that taking history tuitions is the only way to go. Although, most parents will find this completely useless, however, the dynamics of history at the advanced level are beyond the level of difficulty. (more…)

Why would hiring a personal history tutor benefit your child?

Nowadays, it has become very common for a student to have two to three personal tutors helping him/her out with particular subjects. Hiring a personal tutor has become a norm in our society; parents hire the services of an expensive teacher without paying heed to the fact that they’re already paying a hefty school tuition fee. The reason as to why most students are studying from private tutors is because, today’s curriculum is much more advanced than the curriculum one or two decades ago; therefore, it becomes burdensome for parents to help their children with their studies. Although, most students take up math or physics tuitions, however, it comes a shock to most people that history has now become a subject that requires tuition classes. (more…)

When History tutoring quite literally becomes the best job you can take

History is the one subject that everyone in the majority loves. Unlike Mathematics, it is not technical and it, in no way encapsulates all these different formulas and rates that would require you to feel like you don’t know anything about what you are studying. Anywhere you go in the world, you will find that History tutors are literally the most abundant in the world. Why, I heard you ask? Well, probably because history tutoring is the one field that students and teachers both find quite enticing. (more…)