The assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States of America. Born on February 12 1809 in a poor family Lincoln had very difficult childhood. An avid reader, Lincoln was mostly self educated. The formal elementary education he received was approximately for a year from various traveling teachers. In spite of these Lincoln rose to be one of the most successful Americans leading the country through one of its greatest crisis – the American Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln started his political career during March 1832. His first campaign was for the Illinois Gen assembly. Lincoln lost due to the lack of education, money and powerful friends. Not ready to give up Lincoln continued his campaign for the Illinois Gen assembly election which was to be held on August 6, 1832. Though he did not mean the election he had gained enough public support by the time.

Lincoln moved on to serve as postmaster of New Salem and later as country surveyor. He was also educating himself to becoming a lawyer. He successfully warned the next campaign in 1834 and was elected to the state legislature. In 1836 Lincoln moved to Springfield and started practicing law under John T Stuart. Lincoln proved to be a success both as a lawyer as well as a politician.

Lincoln was well known for his ‘free soil’ stance. He opposed slavery and abolitionism. Lincoln was later elected to the US House of Representatives during 1846. During this time Lincoln collaborating with Congressman Joshua R Giddings, wrote the bill to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia. But he had to drop the bill due to lack of proper support from his own party men. After completing one near in the US House of Representatives Lincoln returned to Springfield to practicing law. It was during these times (1849) that Lincoln received a patent for a flotation device that would make moment of boats in shallow water safe. Though not commercialized this idea makes Lincoln the only president to hold a patent.

Lincoln made his pre-entry to politics during 1854 in an attempt to oppose the proslavery Kansas-Nebraska Act. Lincoln clearly declared his opposition to slavery in his ‘Peoria Speech’ on October 16, 1854. In the Republican National Convention held during 1856 Lincoln was the second choice in the contest to be the party’s candidate for vice president. He was nominated for the US Senate in 1858. Lincoln was elected president of the United States of America on November 6, 1860. Abraham Lincoln played a major role in holding together the United States of America during the Civil War.

The initiation of Emancipation proclamation which aimed at freeing the slaves in the various states of the US is one of the greatest achievements of Abraham Lincoln during his presidency. The Morrill Act of 1862 facilitated setting up of land grants for colleges. The Homestead Act of 1862, National Banking Act and Pacific Railroad Act are some of his major accomplishments.

Despite these contributions made by President Abraham Lincoln to the United States of America, there were quite a lot of people who disliked him for his antislavery attitude. John Wilkes Booth was one of the. Booth was an actor who performed in various plays. Both began devising plans to kidnap Lincoln during 1864. But this turned to a plan for assassination after Lincoln’s speech on April 11, 1865 in which he suggested that voting rights should be granted to certain blacks.

On the night of April 14, 1865 Booth arrived at Ford’s Theatre where President Lincoln was to attend the performance of ‘Our American Cousin’. With well calculated steps both managed to enter the state box where they Lincolns were sitting with Major Henry Rathbone and Clara Harris. Both short President Lincoln in the back of his head at near point-blank range at around 10:15 PM. Lincoln passed away at 7:22 AM on April 15, 1865 at the Petersen house. The federal authorities in their attempt to capture boot shot him to death. The other conspirators were tried, four of them where hanged on July 7, 1865 and others where given terms in prison.