To take history tuitions or not to take history tuitions?

History is that particular subject that does not require the use of a protractor, a calculator or any chemical experiments; it is a hardcore subject based on philosophical facts, dates, centuries and the most influential people to have ever lived. Therefore, studying for this particular does not require understanding any “concepts”; one basically memorizes important facts by putting them in a chronological sequence according to the topic given, and also focusing on the fact as to why these events took place in the first place.

So, how do you “tutor” history? Tutoring history is something that is somewhat not very common these days due to the fact that history is that kind of a subject that requires rote learning the facts and just memorization, therefore, students don’t really need someone older around them, to help them go about the subject. However, since times have changed and students have now become grade-oriented, therefore, they prefer taking tuitions for literally every possible subject including history in order to become an A grade student.

Tuitions, in the literal sense, mean studying outside school at a school-like centre whereby, qualified teachers are hired in order to teach students. Usually, students are enrolled in tuition centers depending on their performance in particular subjects. For example, if a particular student is having problems with Greek Mythology in school, then he/she take up history classes at a tuition centre. In this way, the student will be able to do away with the problems that he/she has been having in school. However, it is not mandatory that every student who has problems in school has to take up the services of an outside teacher. He/she can simply read more about the particular topic underline facts then simply memorize.

History is a very broad-based subject, therefore, it requires full dedication and commitment because it not a conceptual-based subject. It’s more towards the explanatory and narrative side whereby, students need to go through a myriad of books in order to study about a particular historical event, like the German or the Italian Revolution. Therefore, a particular history curriculum for a normal A Level or a high school student won’t involve two to three books, no. The student will require more than ten or twenty course books, thus, increasing the pressure and tension. This is where students resort to taking expensive tuitions for history whereby, a different teacher will be teaching them in a different environment.

Usually, taking history tuitions helps students in terms of finishing their history course before a major exam. School teachers are primarily focused towards finishing the syllabus and the curriculum rather than focusing on whether or not the students actually learnt something! Hence, history tutors spend most of their time making quizzes and short tests in order to better prepare the students so that they don’t end up suffering in their exams. In this way, students will be able to feel more confident about themselves thus leading to an increase in their motivation.