Why would hiring a personal history tutor benefit your child?

Nowadays, it has become very common for a student to have two to three personal tutors helping him/her out with particular subjects. Hiring a personal tutor has become a norm in our society; parents hire the services of an expensive teacher without paying heed to the fact that they’re already paying a hefty school tuition fee. The reason as to why most students are studying from private tutors is because, today’s curriculum is much more advanced than the curriculum one or two decades ago; therefore, it becomes burdensome for parents to help their children with their studies. Although, most students take up math or physics tuitions, however, it comes a shock to most people that history has now become a subject that requires tuition classes.

History, as a subject has been a part of every student’s life since he/she goes into the first grade; therefore, becomes more accustomed with the subject gradually. However, once high school or university starts, history becomes an entirely different subject. That is, at the university or college level, history becomes much more advanced, thus, putting immense pressure on the student who doesn’t get the time to focus on more subjects. This is where private tutors come in to help them.

They help them in learning facts, memorizing information but in a way that they won’t forget and making them more appreciative of famous figures to have ever lived. At the university level, students who take up history as a subject end up either flunking in it or lose focus over other subjects because history itself is a very solid and a demanding subject. A particular Russian history professor at the renowned University of Toronto doesn’t “teach”, he merely shares his experiences with the students.

Sharing experiences becomes hard for students because personal experiences aren’t mentioned in books. Therefore, personal tutors help students in visualizing those events in their minds in order to help them better learn and understand. With this tactic of teaching, the student will be able to understand more because the personal tutor will help the student understand the importance of events in history. Although, hiring the services of a history tutor will be expensive, however, students will benefit from this in a huge way. Even parents will be able to gain benefits in the long run, when their children will end up becoming high achievers.

History tutors wont follow the school or university teacher’s style of teaching, however, they will somewhat copy their format. For example, if a teacher wants written essays on the Renaissance or on Hitler’s ruthless regime, then the history tutor will help the student in terms of going over the important topics and chapters rather than just writing the essay for him/her. In this way, instead of just typing everything on Google, the history tutor will be able better explain to the student about relevant historical facts and then quiz him on certain dates, so that the student will know why and when a particular event happened. By highlighting what’s more important, the student will saved from wasting his/her time on studying irrelevant topics or chapters.